Snufflefungus is happy!

Markley Bros’ Entertainment was founded by Alex Markley in 2006 as Malex Media Network, LLC.

Since then, we’ve been publishing funny and thought-provoking content online. We were hosting audio and video online since before it was cool! Our current and former productions include The Malex Minute, Bucking Sailboat, Contradictionary, and more. Not only have we created a number of unique shows, we’ve also produced hundreds of episodes of original content.

When feeling particularly feisty, we’ve even performed shows live.

Since the early 2010’s we’ve been in hiatus while Alex did some soul-searching and spent a ton of effort redefining our CGI strategy. A primary outcome of that effort is the YerFace! project.

While we take these final steps toward relaunching, please feel free to engage with us on social media. We could use the encouragement!


–The Markley Bros.