The Malex Minute

Published: 2018 - 2020
Tagged: Animation, Comedy

Returning from deep space in an unmanned alien transport vessel, Malex and Linus have no idea where they've been or how long they've been gone.

Rejoining their long time friends Mara and Snufflefungus, our heroes resume their lives in Ohioville and everything quickly goes back to normal.

... or does it?!

Our most exciting show to-date, The Malex Minute represents years of development, including:

  • countless hours of brainstorming, writing, and acting...
  • a myriad of CGI modeling, shading, and visual effects...
  • thousands of lines of custom code...
  • and we are just getting started!

Go ahead and watch a couple episodes. We'd love to hear what you think!

(Shh, this is a test update.)