HUGE Announcement: Taking a Principled Stand on COPPA

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Published: Fri, Dec 13, 2019
Tagged: News

Most of us have heard that creators are under attack on YouTube. In this video, we explain our plan and show off the next stage of our MBEvolution!

FIRST, here's the invite link to our new MBE Discord server: Join us!

This is where we'll be taking the next steps in building our community!

SECOND, we will be launching OUR OWN NEW APP! It will be going into beta NEXT MONTH. So join us on Discord to get in on the beta!

THIRD, we are NOT SLOWING DOWN! We are launching a new show on Christmas Day, so don't miss it!!!


Comments are coming soon to the app! In the mean time, we would love to hear what you think... Please send us your comments or join the conversation!

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