Malex Minute 209

Classic Malex Minute

Published: Fri, Nov 5, 2010
Tagged: Audio, Comedy, Podcast

Malex, Linus, Snufflefungus, and Mara are finally back in Ohioville and everything is back to normal. Yes, normal. Under those circumstances, how long can Malex's new house possibly stay standing?


  • Producer and Director: Alex Markley
  • Writer: Alex Markley
  • Voices: Alex, Gabriel, Peter, & Susie Markley
  • Post-processing director: Susie Markley
  • Illustration: Peter Markley
  • Release manager: Peter Markley
  • Recording assistance: Oz
  • Thanks to themfish for use of the Glass House 1 sound effect.
  • Thanks to Belloq for use of the Small Rocket Flybys & Explosion sound effect.
  • Thanks to Rock Savage for use of the Crash & Glass sound effect.
  • Thanks to Mire Grobar for use of the Grenade 9 sound effect.
  • Thanks to everyone for their help and support. :)


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