Valentine's Day 2018

Susie's Awkward Vlog

Published: Mon, Feb 19, 2018
Tagged: Comedy, Vlog

Story behind the couples' pictures: Ran up to the cute old couple & said “hey we’re doing a photo scavenger hunt & we need a pic with a cute couple! Can we get a picture with you?” “Aww really? Sure!”

Then... Literally chased down the young couple saying “excuuuuse me! Excuse me! Hey, are you guys like, together together?” “Um, yeah..?” “Ok so we’re doing a photo scavenger hunt & need a pic with a couple kissing... I know this is like the weirdest thing for you guys all day, but do you guys kiss & would you mind kissing in a pic with us?” “Um, sure!”

...walking away successfully, Drew: “wow, you’re ballsy”

I know I’m a weirdo but I’d like to think i spiced up those couples’ Valentine’s Days lol

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