Til the Storm Passes By

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Published: Sun, Mar 18, 2018
Tagged: Music

Unfiltered vlog and unfiltered thoughts during a little heart storm on a walk home.

(Sorry about the quality and length of the cover let alone the video. Obviously just trying to share some real moments this time. This song, however, deserves a real, full cover. It’s one of my favorites and I may try to do it full justice in the future.)

God knows we aren’t alone in our (or our kids’) struggles. I wanted to share because no matter when, why, or how you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Even if you’re convinced that not one person is there, knows what you’re going through, or even cares, just ask God. Jesus is there. (Omnipresent) Jesus knows. (Omniscient) Jesus cares. (Unconditionally)

Love you guys and have an amazing day! (Ours got better after foodies at home ;) )


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