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Published: Fri, Sep 10, 2021
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Original song Centaurworld S1: 'Welcome to the Bay' by Rosalie Craig

Cover by Drew & Susie Reed

Let us know if you want more Centaurworld covers ;)


Hello, hello, it’s nice to meet you I’m here to greet you, and not to - Oh, why don’t we talk about the bay?

My bay, its waves so green and see-through Just down beneath you Where the merfolk swim and play

And if you’re feeling blue I’ve got the place for you, in me I promise I’ll consume all of your pain Oh, I know sadness when I see it And I’m here so you don’t feel that way again

Hello, hello, I see you’re eyeing My constant crying It’s not easy doing what I do

But I must go on, seeking all those sighing The woeful; asking, "why"-ing I’ll help them - let’s move on!

When you are feeling sad When lifе’s become too bad I can absorb your grief and numb it all away You can fadе in blissful peace And have one restful, gentle, happy final day

Bloopers outtro music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


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